(Valid from 17 February 2015 to end 2016)

A.  Agentís rights:

1.  Support company leaflets and 5 name cards box.
2.  Advertise with company when company have ads campaign.
3.  Got the same promotion when company have strategy to increase clients.
4.  Give certificate as agent for Sydney Dermatoglyphics in Australia.
5.  Update all information as price, product, service or company policies.
6.  Training to start business and sales this product.
7.  Support technique when software got trouble.
8.  All client in agentís city will be introduce to agent in that area (as commitment was signed for agent)
9.  Install one software for agent.
10. One scaner to scan fingerprint.
11. Get free 50 reports.
12. After finish 50 reports, agent must top up more report with price below:

i.  50 reports: $4,900

ii.   100 reports: $8,900

iii.   150 reports: $12,900

Above price is excluding GST.

B.  Protect retail market price policy:

1.  Retail price must be $190/report/client (Received Pdf file only).
2.  Agent can give discount maximum 15% if agent have more than 4 clients to do the report at the same time.

C. Agentís responsibilities:

*  Agent fee: $4,900/council.
*  Wear formal clothes when to meet clients with name card.
*  Agent must scan clients fingerprints. If agent cant scan client fingerprint, company will support with fee $20/client in NSW state.
*   Agent must consult or explain for client when company gave report to agent. If agent cant explain or consult for client, company will do this with fee $50/report in NSW state.
*  Agent must print out the report for clients. If agent cant print out and binding, company will do that with fee is $40/report for colour printing.
*  Any mistake influent companyís brand, company will stop the agent and must return all software and scaner for company.
*   If agent lost software and scanner must pay for company $3,000.
*  End the agentís right when agent made mistake below:

1.  Discount more 15% as companyís policy.
2.  Give report to client later than 14 working days.


(Valid from 
17 February 2014 to 21 Dec 2016) A. Bonus based on turnover:

Description: price

B. Bonus to introduce more agent:

One agent has introduced 1 more agent will get fee 5 reports.

Yearly bonus will be updated June every year:

More information about agent. Please do not hesitate to contact: 
04 888 0 9292 or